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Lee Jae Hoon carries out laid-back looks for ‘Grazia’

By Dianne Sencil | May 07, 2017 09:37 PM EDT
Actor Lee Jae Hoon during the photocall for Polo Ralph Lauren in Seoul.
(Photo : Getty Images/ Han Myung-Gu) Actor Lee Jae Hoon during the photocall for Polo Ralph Lauren in Seoul.

South Korean actor Lee Jae Hoon showed off his cool and classy summer looks for the latest issue of fashion and lifestyle magazine “Grazia”.

In the teaser shots released by the magazine, the 32-year-old star looked handsome and stylish as he posed for the camera. In one of the photos, Lee was all smiles as he comfortably sits on a chair wearing a light pink long-sleeved polo matched with pale yellow-brown chino shorts and white shoes.

Aside from having a photo shoot with the magazine, the Hallyu star also sat for an interview wherein he talked about his upcoming autobiographical film ”Park Yeol”. At the latter part of the talk, he expressed how grateful he was to be given a chance to portray the lead role in the movie.

 "Park Yeol is an actual character who is pretty tough to portray on screen. He has a hot-headed and free-spirited personality and is often seen as an outsider. He is like a rugby ball, unable to predict where he'll bounce off to next… As an actor, I think it is truly an honor to be able to play the role of such a passionate and vigorous person," said Lee as quoted by All KPop.

Directed by “King and the Clown” director Lee Jon Ik, “Park Yeol” unfolds the life story of Korean anarchist and independence activist Park Yeol who was imprisoned for being involved in the bomb attack upon the wedding of Crown Prince Hirohito in 1923 together with his lover Fumiko Kaneko. The premiere date of the film was not yet confirmed.

Meanwhile, Lee has recently released his solo single album after almost three years. According to a report by All KPop, the record includes two of his latest songs "Peter Pan" and "Jeju Island".

Watch Lee Jae Hoon on “Infinite Challenge” below:

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