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2AM’s Jo Kwon issues a stern warning against anti-fans for malicious remarks

By diana | May 07, 2017 12:38 AM EDT
2AM's Jo Kwon in the official music video of 'I'm Da One.'
(Photo : YouTube/ibighit) 2AM's Jo Kwon in the official music video of 'I'm Da One.'

Jo Kwon is stepping up to protect himself and friends from online criticisms!

The 2AM leader recently took to Instagram to express his anger and dismay to netizens who have been sending him hateful comments. In his lengthy statement, Jo Kwon admitted he tried not to let these critics get under his skin; however, the idol could not stand that even the anti-fans are attacking his colleagues.

"I know that malicious comments are bad, and I do my part of monitoring myself [to better my flaws]," he wrote as translated by Soompi. "But some people have been sending my friends and I some harsh comments via direct messages."

"I have no need to reply to these comments. I think this way of assuming things and belittling someone's life with such profane words is definitely crossing the line," Jo Kwon continued.

After having too much of these malicious remarks, the idol has decided to take legal actions against netizens who won't leave him and his friends alone. Jo Kwon said he plans to submit the screenshots of these comments to JYP Entertainment's legal team for the necessary actions.

The 2AM frontrunner ended his post by asking the netizens spread positivity instead of hatred. He added that a true fan is supposed to support and love his/her idol and not drag him down.

"I have never hurt or bullied anyone. Please stop. If you start loving people, you can live with such a broad view. I am giving one big warning to those hurting others. Don't do it," Jo Kwon said.

JYP Entertainment, a home for 2PM, TWICE and GOT7, has been firm about their stand to protect their artists from netizens who are bearing false rumors about them. Previously, the agency warned those who are spreading malicious statements on Jun.K's accident during their '6 Nights' concert.

The label explained the decision was made to stop these hateful remarks from causing harm to the artist, his families and friends.

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