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KARD’s J.seph and Jiwoo under fire for ‘racist’ remark in Vancouver show [WATCH]

By diana | May 06, 2017 05:33 AM EDT
Quartet mixed gender group K.A.R.D in the official music video of "Don't Recall."
(Photo : YouTube/K.A.R.D) Quartet mixed gender group K.A.R.D in the official music video of "Don't Recall."

KARD is currently under fire for allegedly offending a particular race during their show in Vancouver, Canada last Wednesday, May 3.

J.seph and Jiwoo became the subject of online criticisms for allegedly using the "N" word in one of their performances that night. According to Allkpop, the two members performed their own version of Rihanna's "B*tch Better Have My Money" where they were accused of mentioning the racist word.

The controversial performance has stirred up online debate from netizens who took offense of the alleged act. Others, however, defended that co-ed group and stated the two members were just following the original lyrics of the song.

KARD's tour manager, however, denied that J.seph and Jiwoo mentioned the "N" word during their performance. Through an Instagram post, manager broke his silence to speak on behalf of the group/

"It seems like there is a lot of talk about Jiwoo & Jseph's part for their unit track. I just want to clear up that they did not say the N word but it was actually HITTER/HITTA," the manager wrote.

The statement continued, "Jiwoo sang live over an AR track with her also saying HITTER. It's so upsetting to read some of the comments online about the members when they didn't say such things."

The tour manager even attached the link of the full track in hopes to clear the names of the two KARD members.

"They worked so hard for this tour and were so excited so please help clear this up. Thank you always for all the love and support," he ended his post.

Some netizens, however, were not convinced with this statement and called out the KARD members to reflect on this issue. One commenter said the group should've replaced the derogatory word to save themselves from getting caught in such controversy.

Watch the performance below and tell us your thoughts.

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