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Lee Joon Gi takes fans behind-the-scenes of ‘Thank You’ concert tour [WATCH]

By diana | May 06, 2017 04:54 AM EDT
'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' actor Lee Joon Gi performs in front of his Singaporean fans during his Asian concert tour.
(Photo : Getty Images/Andrew Redington) 'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' actor Lee Joon Gi performs in front of his Singaporean fans during his Asian concert tour.

Lee Joon Gi just released a music video that featured his recently concluded "Thank You" concert tour where he invaded seven cities to perform before his Asian fans.

The four-minute video was a compilation of his concert shows in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore where he entertained thousands of fans with his sing and dance presentations. According to Korea Herald, Lee Joon Gi gathered about 30,000 fans for his "Thank You" tour.

The "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" actor held a show in Seoul to start the Asian tour in December. Similarly, Lee Joon Gi concluded the four-month-long tour in Korea on April 15.

"Lee Joon Gi sang and danced to various songs during the meet and greet events, so we decide to make a music video of it," Namoo Actors captioned the post.  "You can check out some parts in the footage, which were previously closed to the public."

The Hallyu actor particularly made his Singaporean fans happy when he finally came to see them during his "Thank You" concert last March 4. Lee Joon Gi politely introduced himself in front of his fans who could not contain their excitement for seeing the celebrity.

"Some of you who are seeing me for the first time might think that I'm a singer, but no, I'm an actor who's here for a fan meeting," he addressed the crowd as per Soompi.

Lee Joon Gi made the night extra special when he serenaded the fans with his own version of "I'm Yours" originally sang by Jason Mraz. Shortly after the success of his "Thank You" Asian tour, his relationship with Jeon Hye Bin was made public by a media outlet.

In fact, the revelation affected Lee Joon Gi's appearance in "My Ear's Candy" with Park Min Young. He, however, apologized to his fans for his behavior on the show which led them to believe that something is going on between him and the onscreen partner.

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