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‘Attack on Titan’ chapter 93 recap, spoilers; Gabi and Falco defects; Eren finally appears!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 05, 2017 04:03 PM EDT
Cadets cheer on Gabi after their victory in 'Attack on Titan'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/SoulMadness) Cadets cheer on Gabi after their victory in 'Attack on Titan'

The latest chapter of the popular manga series "Attack on Titan" reflects on the power of the Titans and its ability to deal with the increasingly powerful weapons in other countries. While the Marley government is busy dealing with potential enemies against Titans, a new plan is hatching up that could bring back the previously featured Titans in the manga.

Chapter 93 Recap

Fan-translated version of "Attack on Titan" is already available for reading online on YonKouProd. The chapter starts with the heads of Military forces realizing that their latest victory has come with a great loss: they were able to conquer the fortress but had trouble destroying it because of the enemy's extremely powerful weaponry. Air and naval weaponries are also subpar compared to other countries since the Marley has focused too much on the titans.

Zeke stressed the importance of returning to Paradis Island in order to obtain the powers of Coordinate Titan. Aside from using its power for defense and attack, Zeke only has a year left while Reiner has two. They have to turn over their powers to the new Eldian cadets before it's too late.

While the group of Eldians are celebrating their victory with Gabi's heroism, Reiner and Falco talked about their latest mission. Although Reiner reprimanded Falco about his thoughts on backing down from becoming a Titan, he pleaded to Falco to save himself and Gabi from their dark fate.

Chapter 94 Predictions/Analysis

The Reddit discussion on the latest chapter practically recaps all the Titans appearing in the manga. The biggest mystery right now is the identity of the ninth Titan - the powerful Titan could be someone hidden in Paradis Island who secretly destroys the Marley Naval ships.

But aside from the ninth Titan's identity, Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps is back in action once again as they face Zeke, Reiner and the new titans. With Reiner pleading to Falco on changing their fate, it's possible that some Eldian cadets may switch sides.

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