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Here’s what Lee Je Hoon has been up to after lackluster ending of ‘Tomorrow With You’

By diana | May 05, 2017 04:07 AM EDT
'Tomorrow With You' actor Lee Je Hoon during an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly.'
(Photo : YouTube/KBS World TV) 'Tomorrow With You' actor Lee Je Hoon during an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly.'

Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah failed to meet the expectations of fans in "Tomorrow With You" as the successor of tvN's hit drama "Goblin." In fact, the time travel series barely earned two percent ratings after the first three episodes were released.

But despite the lackluster performance of his recent drama, Lee Je Hoon scored two movies for this year which include "Park Kyeol," a biographical film of the renowned independence activist.

"Park Yeol is an actual character who is pretty tough to portray on screen," the actor said as per Allkpop. He has a hot-headed and free-spirited personality and is often seen as an outsider."

Lee Je Hoon continued, "He is like a rugby ball, unable to predict where he'll bounce off to next. As an actor, I think it is truly an honor to be able to play the role of such a passionate and vigorous person."

"Park Kyeol" recently released its official movie posters which showed Lee Je Hoon's huge transformation for the film. From being the innocent-looking guy we've seen in "Signal" and "Tomorrow With You," the 32-year-old Hallyu actor had a total makeover which raised the curiosity of his fans.

Some of them thought his transformation was creepy, while others praised the actor for pulling off the new look. Lee Je Hoon had to grow his hair and beard to portray his role as "Park Kyeol."

Lee Je Hoon will be joined by Choi He Seo, Kim In Woo, Min Jin Woong, Kwon Yul, and Baek Soo Jang for the upcoming biographical film. "Park Kyeol" is directed by Lee Joon Ik whose credits include "The Throne," "Battlefield Heroes" and "Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield."

Meanwhile, watch the official trailer of "Park Kyeol" before its release by the end of June 2017: 

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