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LABOUM expresses happiness for dominating the top spot at ‘Music Bank’

By Dianne Sencil | May 04, 2017 10:09 PM EDT
LABOUM members perform in front of the marine members of South Korea.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) LABOUM members perform in front of the marine members of South Korea.

Despite the rise of hate comments for the latest milestone in their career, South Korean girl group expressed their happiness for winning the first spot at the popular music show “Music Bank” in the May 3 installment of SBS Love FM's “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung's Two Man Show”.

According to member Soyeon as quoted by All KPop: “I really couldn't believe it. When they asked us to speak, we were standing there blankly. There were members who cried too."

Yoojung added, revealing what their label’s CEO had promised them as a token for a job well done: “He said he'd buy us beef, but our schedule is filled. I think he'll buy us some when we end promotions”.

LABOUM’s latest win at the “Music Bank” has been controversial to several netizens’s due to its sudden rise from the music charts. In fact, the band has been receiving hate remarks which claim that their latest achievement is “sajaegi” or manipulated.

To protect their talent, LABOUM’s talent management agency has released their take on the said issue. In fact, they even warned not only the people who spread the hate comments but the media outlets as well that they will be facing legal charges when proved guilty.

“...In February, LABOUM signed a global CF deal with 'S' and filmed the CF. 'S' has over 500 chain stores in Korea… The company bought CDs to match the event properly from a distributor, and we were planning to release the event to customers who visited the stores,” explained the agency as quoted by All KPop.

The label added: “The reason why we did not immediately reply to sajaegi rumors after winning #1 on KBS' 'Music Bank' was because of legal matters and circumstances. We also had a confidentiality agreement with the CF company, and could not just make an announcement by ourselves because the CF had not aired yet.

Check out LABOUM’s “Hwi hwi” dance practice MV below:

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