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Kim Chung Ha ‘dress to kill’ for GQ magazine’s latest issue

By Dianne Sencil | May 04, 2017 07:57 PM EDT
KPop idol Kim Chung Ha in the music video of her latest single 'WEEK'.
(Photo : YouTube/MNHentertainment) KPop idol Kim Chung Ha in the music video of her latest single 'WEEK'.

KPop idol Kim Chung Ha boldly showcased her natural modelling skills in the latest issue of the international men’s magazine GQ.

In the photos released by the magazine, the 21-year-old former IOI member carried out a combination of sharp and charming looks as she pose for the camera. In one of the shots, Kim will surely bewitch the viewers with her innocent yet dangerous feature.

Aside from having a photo shoot, the star was also equipped for an interview with the magazine. During the talk, Kim opened up about her journey to stardom, former talent management agency JYP Entertainment, as well as thoughts on her former IOI band mates.

"I think I'm lucky. At 19, I was a JYP trainee and college student, and at 20, I met my current agency and 'Produce 101'… Rather than thinking, 'I'm going to quit this industry,' I just accepted my situation. The team I was a part of was disbanded and the management changed, and I wasn't used to the change,” shared Kim as quoted by All KPop.

She continued: “Before I left, the members were seriously my last string of hope. I think I pulled at that string so much that I broke it. It took me a long time to realize it was broken… Though I'm worried I won't get as much attention as I did with IOI, I want to show the potential I have."

Meanwhile, Kim has recently released the music video of her latest single “WEEK”, All KPop reports. Published on the the official YouTube page of her talent agency MNH Entertainment, the video presents the sorrowful image of the star who seemed to be suffering from a heartbreak as she sings the R&B ballad song.

Check out the music video of Kim Chung Ha’s latest single “WEEK” below:

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