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‘Fairy Tail’ chapter 534 recap, spoilers; Jellal and Lucy’s ultimate sacrifice!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 03, 2017 05:04 PM EDT
Lucy in trance in 'Fairy Tail' chapter 534
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Zac2Uchiha) Lucy in trance in 'Fairy Tail' chapter 534

"Fairy Tail" continues its march to an epic conclusion with two battles and an unseen event that could change everything. Natsu is in big trouble and everyone's hope rests in an uncertain hand.

Chapter 534 Recap

The latest chapter of the popular fantasy manga series "Fairy Tail" could be read online through Manga Stream. Jellal is sacrificing himself to get Layla's group some time so they could set-up "the ravines of time" against Acnologia. Initially, Layla has some trouble opening the spell but it turns out someone has already gained control of the powerful magic.

The spell is already under the control of Zeref and he is combining the magic with Mavis' power so he could open the guild's portal to restart everything - including his immortal life. But before he could step into the door, Natsu called him out for one more fight.

On the other hand, Lucy and Gray are dealing with words flying out from the book of END. The words are disappearing due to Natsu's injury and Lucy is rewriting the deleted words from memory. The chapter ends with Lucy appearing to be stunned by another power.

Chapter Analysis/Predictions

The comments on Reddit focuses on the bleak situation of Jellal since he's facing an extremely powerful dragon bent on destroying the world. Setting up a powerful magic hoping Acnologia will bump into it is a bad idea but they have no choice as it's the only viable solution in order to defeat the dragon.

On the other hand, Lucy's effort in writing directly on the book of END is getting her in another realm of magic. While she will not produce any powerful spell against Zeref, but she could get Natsu back into fighting form and somehow connect his life with the enemy just to survive. In the final chapters of "Fairy Tail" Mashima will be sacrificing one or more main characters to get the guild back on track.

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