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Therapists use 'Dungeons & Dragons' to help child opening up

By Menahem Zen | May 03, 2017 05:02 PM EDT
Children play in the children's playground at Regent's Park in London, England.
(Photo : Getty Images/Matthew Lloyd) Children play in the children's playground at Regent's Park in London, England.

A group of therapists uses "Dungeons and Dragon" to help children with social issues to open up. The game helps the therapist to ask the question to children and help them open up.

The therapists in Wheelhouse Workshop use "Dungeons and Dragons" to make children who have social issue to open up. According to the founder of the group, Adam Davis, the kids with social issues need to be given the right questions. School counselors basic sets of questions to the kids need to be fruitful to engage them in a conversation.

Davis and his colleague, Adam Johns co-founded the Wheelhouse Workshop to help kids and adolescents develop their social skills through a tabletop role-playing games. Johns designed the "Dungeons and Dragons" games that more like a therapy with the dragon.

Davis explained one of the success stories as reported by Kotaku, of an introvert child who was enrolled in their therapy session. The boy chose the character of a dwarf barbarian in the "Dungeons and Dragons" game, and Davis uses the character to help him relate to others in social relationship.

However, Davis admitted that using the "Dungeons and Dragons" for a therapeutic purpose is not exclusively his idea. In his presentation during the PAX East Game Convention in Boston last month, he said there are a half dozen of therapy groups that work with "Dungeons and Dragons" all across the United States to tap into the game's potential for therapy.

Therapists use the tabletop version of "Dungeons and Dragons" game because it gives players opportunity to use their imagination to create their story and characters with their peers in the fantasy world. This imagination aspect can not be achieved in the video games version of "Dungeon and Dragons."

"Dungeons and Dragons" is an interesting game, in both video games and tabletop version. Watch the basic gameplay of "Dungeons and Dragons" tabletop game below:

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