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A new aerial combat game arrives: 'Project Wingman' for PC is available now

By Menahem Zen | May 03, 2017 11:08 AM EDT
The screen cap from "Project Wingman" video game.
(Photo : RB-D2/Project Wingman) The screen cap from "Project Wingman" video game.

"Project Wingman" is an independent project, which is still in development process. However, the game is available to download from the RB-D2, the video game maker.

The game is developed by an independent video game developer, known as RB-D2. Currently, the game maker has just released its latest alpha version and the "Project Wingman" is available to download from RB-D2 website.

In its latest alpha test 4 version, the game already has a voiceover and soundtrack. In the next alpha release, RB-D2 expected the "Project Wingman" to complete the alpha stage. In order to achieve that level, RB-D2 has put a plan to complete the audio and add more cockpits of the older aircrafts, along with making the wave based mode and balancing the game.

According to RB-D2, the cockpit is based on the Sukhoi Su-27 cockpit with a slight modification. The cockpit is now available in the high resolution which made the players feel the game to be realistic.

The video game is a very interesting game as an independent one. According to Kotaku, "Project Wingman" is looking forward to become the new arcade jet combat game after the Bandai Namco's "Ace Combat."

As for now, "Project Wingman" has only a single mission in a one-on-one skirmish mode against one fighter jet. However, the design of the game is very nice and details. Its visuals, both aerial and ground views is very well crafted. While the movement is tight and very good, moreover the "Project Wingman" is now capable to have a game controller.

On the other hand, the Bandai Namco's "Ace Combat," which was first released in 2004 has a variety of combat mission. The next installment of the game will also support the PlayStation VR. However, one thing that makes "Project Wingman" is highly expected is because the game is designed for PC. Watch the rendering and gameplay of "Project Wingman" in the latest alpha version below:

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