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Sandara Park proudly supports Minzy’s solo debut; Debunks rumors of discord among 2NE1 members

By Louise Bonquin | May 02, 2017 10:19 AM EDT
Sandara Park congratulates and wishes Minzy the best on her solo promotion.
(Photo : Instagram/Sandara Park) Sandara Park congratulates and wishes Minzy the best on her solo promotion.

Sandara Park and Minzy may not be in the same company anymore but they still rooting for each other like they are still a team. One of the proofs is when Sandara posted as has shown her support for Minzy′s new solo album.

On her own Instagram account, Sandara posted a photo of herself holding a CD of Minzy's solo album. She simply captioned the snap with "It is Minzy′s sign CD!!! Thank you, the unnies are always cheering for you!!! Ninano."

The CD is Minzy's solo debut album entitled "Minzy Work 01: Uno." It was first released on April 17 and since then, the singer who has gone solo is promoting the title track called "Ninano."

The mini album contains a total of 6 tracks and it was reported that Minzy actively participated in most of the songs' composition. Moreover, Music Works, Minzy′s agency, relayed that the former 2NE1 member is having a series of fan meetings which already started on April 29.

In any case, aside from Sandara, CL and Bom also expressed their support to Minzy by posting encouraging messages via social media. Apparently, all four members of 2NE1 still keep in touch and the closeness is still there.

The support showed by the older members clearly debunks the rumors that 2NE1 disbanded in a bad way, saying that Minzy is at odds with the rest of the group. In her previous interview with Herald Pop, Sandara made it clear that the reported discord in 2NE1 is nothing but a rumor.

2NE1 officially disbanded in November 2016, with Sandara and CL remaining in YG Entertainment by renewing their contracts. On the other hand, Minzy chose to leave and signed on with Music Works instead.

Meanwhile, Minzy's first mini-album "Minzy Work 01: Uno" topped various iTunes charts in many countries when it was released. In particular, it ranked first in U.S., Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia and more.

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