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'Outlast 2' is released and no longer banned in Australia; Classified as adults game

By Menahem Zen | Apr 28, 2017 07:31 PM EDT
A screen capture of "Outlast 2" gameplay.
(Photo : Red Barrels) A screen capture of "Outlast 2" gameplay.

Fans of the horror games in Australia are rejoicing because the authority has lifted the banning of the game "Outlast 2." Previously, the Australian Classification Board refused to classify the game.

Earlier this month, as reported by Kotaku Australia, "Outlast 2" was banned in Australia. The Australian Classification Board was reported to deny classification of the game because of its implied sexual violence.

Australian Classification Board finally approved to classify the game after the developer was reported to soften the depiction of sexual violence in several scenes of the game. "Outlast 2" finally won the approval of the censor board two days before its release, as reported by Press Start Australia. The game is classified as R18+, which means intended for adults only. Nevertheless, the game developer Red Barrels insisted the game is not altered and all the scenes in the "Outlast 2" game remain uncut and uncensored, that there is only one version of the game.

"Outlast 2" has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Wednesday, April 25. Many reviews considered the game as one of the scariest game ever made, and the scariest one released this year. The game follows similar plot and gameplay of the previous version of "Outlast" series.

The main different with the first "Outlast" is the settings. "Outlast 2" takes place in the Havasupai region in Sonora desert of Arizona. The game also reveals the involvement of Murkoff Corporation for the insanity happens in Temple Gate town. Murkoff Corporation is the company that manages the asylum in the first "Outlast."

In the introduction of the game, the helicopter that carries Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn crashes in the desert. When Blake, the main character of the game wakes up, he finds the helicopter pilot is crucified and Lynn is missing. His mission is to find her and escape the war between two religious cults. Watch the preview of "Outlast 2" gameplay from Polygon below:

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