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Jung Hye Sung slammed for recent dating controversy with B1A4’s Gongchan amidst rumored romance with ‘We Got Married’ husband Gong Myung

By diana | Apr 26, 2017 03:34 AM EDT
'Chief Kim' actress Jung Hye Sung under fire for recent dating controversy amidst rumored relationship with Gong Myung.
(Photo : YouTube/Top K-TV News) 'Chief Kim' actress Jung Hye Sung under fire for recent dating controversy amidst rumored relationship with Gong Myung.

Jung Hye Sung is currently under fire after being linked to B1A4's Gongchan amidst her virtual relationship with Gong Myung on "We Got Married."

Viewers of the popular reality program have been speculating that their something going on between Jung Hye Sung and Gong Myung other than their make-believe romance in the show.

In one of their "We Got Married" episodes, the virtual couple even teased the audience when they talked about going public about their supposed relationship. More than these statements, their lovey-dovey moments in the program have left the shippers guessing about the real deal between the two artists.

However, all speculations were crushed when Jung Hye Sung was recently mired in dating controversy with Gongchan. Koreaboo cited several sources claimed that the actress and B1A4 member have been seeing each other for quite sometime now.

Although the two have decided to keep their alleged romance under wraps, some of their closest friends reportedly knew about the relationship.

"The fact that two of them are dating is super secret. I was surprised she was dating him and not Gong Myung. Only really close friends know this," an insider claimed.

In light of the issue, the respective agencies of Jung Hye Sung and Gongchan were quick to deny that their artists are romantically involved. A rep of B1A4's agency, WM Entertainment, said they we taken aback after hearing about the rumors linking their artist to the actress.

"It's not true that he's dating Jung Hye Sung. He was shocked at the reports," the network insider clarified as per Soompi. "It's true that Jung Hye Sung and Gongchan know each other, but there's nothing to show that they are dating."

Jung Hye Sung's label, FNC Entertainment, supported this statement and firmly denied the "senseless" issues.

Amidst recent dating controversy, netizens could not help but feel bad for Gong Myung, while others slammed the actress for appearing on "We Got Married" despite her alleged relationship with Gongchan.

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