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Park Hae Jin promises to do these if ‘Man to Man’ surpasses 10 percent viewership rating

By diana | Apr 22, 2017 11:36 PM EDT
Park Hae Jin in his newest action drama 'Man to Man.'
(Photo : YouTube/JTBC Drama) Park Hae Jin in his newest action drama 'Man to Man.'

JTBC's new series "Man to Man" was off to a good start after earning a viewership of 4.055 percent for its premiere episode on Friday, April 21.

The figures were fairly higher compared to the previous record of "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" at 3.829 percent. Hence, the lead star of "Man to Man" is hopeful that the action drama will draw more viewers as the series goes on.

In line with this, Park Hae Jin has set his ratings promise once his latest drama crosses the 10 percent mark. Best known for his charitable acts, the Hallyu actor pledged to do something that will surely benefit the environment and the people.

"Park Sung Woong announced during the drama's press conference that he would go volunteering with me if "Man to Man" surpasses 10 percent in viewer ratings," he said as per Soompi. "In addition to volunteering, I will donate 10,000 trees to Korea."

Park Hae Jin continued, "I donated trees to China not too long ago, but I've been noticing that there's way too much fine dust in Korea. I won't be able to plant all 10,000 trees, but I am definitely planning on donating them."

Just last month, the 33-year-old actor donated 6,000 trees to Alashan, China to celebrate his 11th anniversary since debut. Park Hae Jin revealed his decision came after he learned that his fans donated 520 trees in the said community.

The "Man to Man" actor sincerely hopes that these little acts will have a big impact in combating environmental issues such as the worsening air quality.

Park Hae Jin is considered one of the most popular Korean actors in China after he starred in Chinese drama "Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember." The 2011 series was followed by three more acting projects in the country which include "Another Kind of Splendid Life," "Love's Relativity" and "Far Away Love."

Not only that, his ongoing drama "Man to Man" is gaining much attention among his foreign fans despite China's move to block the Korean entertainment. Park Hae Jin, on the other hand, said he found his dream role in the JTBC series as per Allkpop.

"I finally found a character that I can act out in versatile ways after ten years. Likewise, I had so much fun filming the drama," he revealed.

Catch Park Hae Jin in "Man to Man" every Friday and Saturday at 11:00 pm.

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