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Gorillaz promote ‘Humanz’ through live animated interview

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Apr 21, 2017 09:17 PM EDT
Gorillaz doing a live interview for the first time
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Telekom Electronic Beats) Gorillaz doing a live interview for the first time

Gorillaz is back and they are taking their highly interactive world to full effect as they take advantage nearly every technology available to reach their audience. In anticipation of the release of their upcoming album "Humanz" the band give their first ever live interview.

2D and Murdoch on Radio 1

Gorillaz isn't just a band that happily displays itself for fans to scream at as they prefer to present themselves in an animated avatar form - an idea that has worked for the team brilliantly as they offered something unique and immersive. But thanks to technology, the band did something for the first time: doing a live interview.

According to The Verge, the fully animated band appeared in a Radio 1 show with MistaJam. Although 2D and Murdoch are the only members of the band to appear on the show, the did have some fun revealing the details on how they made the album. It also helps that they are animated which means they can do pretty much whatever they want.

Technology and Music

Full tracks for Gorillaz latest album "Humanz" will drop soon worldwide. To promote their album, the band has scheduled some tours and appearances in key cities in North America as well as appearing live in one of the late night shows in US television. The band has already released four singles and one of them already has a music video.

But aside from touring and appearing as guests live, the band has also set-up another unique interaction for its fans. According to Jam Base, the band partnered with popular audio company Sonos in order to build "Spirit Houses" in Berlin, Brooklyn and Amsterdam. These are immersive exhibits that give visitors 360-degree understanding of the band and its experience.

Watch the hilarious interview below. Gorillaz album "Humanz" will officially debut on April 27.

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