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Suzy portrays different faces in her recent photo collaboration with ‘Daze’ magazine

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 19, 2017 09:20 PM EDT
Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.
(Photo : Getty Images/Han Myung Gu) Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.

KPop idol and miss A member Suzy have recently showcased her versatility for the latest issue of fashion and lifestyle magazine “Daze.”

The star had effortlessly proved that she is not only talented in singing, acting, and dancing but in posing for photographs as well. In one of the shots released on the social media outlets of the magazine, Suzy carried out piercing stares as she put one of her hand inside her, checkered slacks pants which match with her long sleeved top.

Aside from having a photo shoot, Suzy also sat for an interview with the magazine. During the talk, the 22-year-old star shared her thoughts about collaborating with dazed and revealed some bits about her character in the upcoming TV drama series titled “While You Were Asleep”.

“...Photo shoots with Dazed are always exciting to me. Instead of trying to look pretty, I wanted to show a more mischievous and natural look with my messy hair and minimal makeup,” said Suzy as quoted by Soompi.

Regarding her role in “While You Were Asleep”: “My character Hong Joo thinks she’s the best so she basically just lives for herself. She’s a very cheerful and loud person, but she becomes helpless whenever she has bad dreams that predict the future. However, once she meets Jae Chan [played by Lee Jong Suk], she gains hope and becomes much more active [in helping others].”

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Suzy and her boyfriend Lee Min Ho has thrown a party to celebrate their second year anniversary as a couple. Furthermore, the event was said to be attended by the close friends of the stars. However, the actress’ agency JYP Entertainment refused to give their official statement with respect to the couple’s privacy.

Check out the music video of Suzy latest single “ Yes No Maybe” below:

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