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Girl’s Day members share the time when they were harassed on a plane in a TV guesting

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 17, 2017 04:06 PM EDT
KPop group Girl's Day during their performance on SBS MTV 'The Show' at SBS Prism Tower.
(Photo : Getty Images/ ilgan Sports) KPop group Girl's Day during their performance on SBS MTV 'The Show' at SBS Prism Tower.

South Korean girl group Girl’s Day looked back to the time when they were disrespected by their fellow passenger on a plane in their recent appearance tvN’s variety show “Life Bar.”

The girls revealed that a plane passenger had once insulted when he was not pleased with their response after asking for a photo. They further added that their manager was not even excused during the incident as he was also physically assaulted by the irate stranger.

According to member Sojin, as quoted by Soompi, “When we go to the airport, sometimes there are people who want to take a photo. But at that time, because of the situation we were in, we told the person that we would give him a signature instead.”

She continued: “He then suddenly started complaining, saying, ‘What’s the big deal with Girl’s Day that you can’t even let me take a picture? Where is your company?…Even our manager was assaulted. When I met the person on the plane, I glared at him. Then he cursed at me, so I replied, ‘Why did you hit our manager?'”

After the heated circumstance, the group’s supporters extended their concern and love to their group idol. In fact, member Hyeri shared that they were comforted by their fans’ letters and sweet messages.

Meanwhile, Hyeri and Yura is set to appear on the upcoming episode of MBC’s “My Little Television”. According to a report by Soompi, the two stars will be showing off their strategic skills as they try their best to figure how to survive a challenge with the “Escape the Room” theme. Furthermore, the program will have its live broadcast through KakaoTV on April 16 and its TV premiere on April 22.

Check out Girl's Day's "I'll Be Yours" MV below:

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