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WINNER boys reveal their preference when it comes to woman in a radio guesting

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 14, 2017 02:49 PM EDT
WINNER in attendance during the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) WINNER in attendance during the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.

South Korean boy group WINNER members have revealed the different attributes that they want in a woman as they grace the latest episode of “Lee Hong Ki's Kiss the Radio”.

Member Lee Seung Hoon shared that he preferred women who are into fitness while Kim Joo said that he wants someone who is pretty and has a similar attitude like him. Song Min Ho and Kang Seung Yoon, on the other hand, told the program host that they like women who take good care of themselves and the ones who loves music respectively.

According to Lee as quoted by All KPop: “I've always liked a woman who's healthy and loves exercising. During our hiatus, I knew we were going to be asked about our ideal types when we make a comeback. I can't say the same thing over and over again so I thought about what kind of woman I like, and I realized that I like a woman who carries a band aid in her purse.”

"My ideal type is related to music. It's the one who walks by with earphones on and has 'Really Really'playing," added Kang.

 "I'm always the same. I like someone who's similar to me. Honestly, I like pretty girls," said Kim wherein he was teased by Lee Hong Ki to that he looks like one of South Korean super “W- Two Worlds” star Han Nyo Joo.

Meanwhile, the group’s latest single “Really Really” has recently found its way directly to top spots of different music charts just right after its release. In fact, according to an article by Billboard, the song is currently on the top 3 spot in the World Digital Song Sales category. In Korea, on the other hand, the group ranked first in the Gaon Music Chart.

Watch WINNER’s "Really Really" MV below:

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