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Nam Tae Hyun to promote his new band under his own music label South Buyers Club

By Maria A. | Apr 12, 2017 06:45 PM EDT
Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun during tvN's 'Actor School' press conference at Imperial Palace.
(Photo : Getty Images/ The Chosunilbo JNS) Nam made his entertainment debut in 2013 after being chosen as one of the members of the boy group WINNERS.

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun has launched his own independent music label, South Buyers Club. The singer himself made the announcement on Instagram on April 11 by sharing a photo of some paperwork he did for his new label.

The photo shows that South Buyers Club was first established on March 30, 2017, allkpop reports. Nam Tae Hyun is listed as the head of the company.

As previously reported, Nam Tae Hyun is creating his own band. Shortly after he announced his exit from WINNER and YG Entertainment, Nam Tae Hyun revealed that he was looking for new members for his band.

According to Koreaboo, Nam Tae Hyun was looking for male instrumentalists that can play the piano, bass, drum or guitar. Nam Tae Hyun's band will play blues or rock tunes, a strike departure from Nam Tae Hyun's pop and R&B sound from when he was with WINNER.

Reports suggested that Nam Tae Hyun is planning to promote his new band under South Buyers Club. Although he received various offers from different agencies, Nam Tae Hyun chose to set up his own music label instead so that he can promote in his own terms and his own pace.

He previously acknowledged that it will be costly to form his own band under his own agency, but is adamant to do it because he wants to do his "best to make it into a place where we could all play music and have fun."

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun's absence was heavily felt as WINNER staged its first comeback as a four-member band. For WINNER's latest album, "Fate Number For," Kim Jin Woo saw an increase in his singing parts, since Nam Tae Hyun was the group's former lead vocalist. To perform well, Kim Jin Woo said he took additional vocal lessons and recorded his songs several times to get things right.

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