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Highlight announces comeback, concert; What has changed for the group since leaving Cube?

By Maria A. | Apr 10, 2017 04:13 PM EDT
Highlight members Son Dong Woon, Lee Gi Kwang,Yoon Doo Joon pose for the camera during the 30th Golden Disc Awards.
(Photo : Getty Images/ Han Myung-Gu) Highlight members Son Dong Woon, Lee Gi Kwang,Yoon Doo Joon pose for the camera during the 30th Golden Disc Awards.

A lot has changed for the former members of Beast after they reintroduced themselves as Highlight. But for the most part, that change has been good. The group recently announced that they are planning to stage a comeback soon and embark on a series of concerts starting June.

The members of Highlight revealed that they will have a concert series starting June 2 to June 4 at the Jamshil Gymnasium, allkpop reported. They also confirmed that they are recording new songs for their comeback, although a final date has not been finalized yet.

So far, everything has been working out well for Highlight ever since they left their former agency, Cube Entertainment, to launch their very own Around US Entertainment. Just a few months after their transfer, the five-member group immediately got back to work and released new songs on March.

According to Billboard, Highlight's debut single "Plz Don't Be Sad" topped multiple music charts in South Korea, diminishing all concerns that the group's popularity would suffer greatly after departing Cube Entertainment and promoting under a new band name.

Highlight released "Plz Don't Be Sad" under their first EP "Can You Feel It?" The track is one of the Highlight's more festive song in recent years, contrasting the more somber tunes they sang during their last few months as Beast. The song and its accompanying video is reminiscent of the group's upbeat tracks "Beautiful" and "Beautiful Night."

In terms of income, the members claim that they are earning more money now than when they were still with their old agency. As a matter of fact a survey conducted by the Korean Reputation Center showed that Highlight ranked third in terms of male idol groups with the best brand value.

During an appearance on KBS Cool FM's "Park Myung Soo's Radio Show," Highlight's leader Doojoon explained that their income increased now that they are working under their own label. Member Kikwang added while it is true that they are earning more nowadays, they are also spending more than they did before.

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