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2PM’s Junho reveals behind-the-scene story of kiss scene with Namgoong Min in ‘Chief Kim’

By diana | Apr 05, 2017 03:51 AM EDT
2PM's Junho arrives at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of 'Cold Eyes.'
(Photo : Getty Images/Jag Gundu) 2PM's Junho arrives at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of 'Cold Eyes.'

Just a week after "Chief Kim" aired its final episode, Junho could not help but recollect some of the most memorable scenes he has done for the comedy series.

To top the list, the 2PM member mentioned his kiss scene with Namgoong Min for a certain episode. Junho revealed the hilarious scene was completely ad-libbed after "Chief Kim" himself suggested to kiss the idol.

"I feel like [that kiss scene] is the greatest moment of skinship (physical affection) in the whole drama," Junho said as per Soompi. "While skinship usually happens between an actor and actress, I was honored that the scene came to me."

The idol-turned-actor admitted he was initially hesitant to do the kiss scene with a co-actor. However, Junho was convinced to execute the idea after the director gave his go signal.

"After we filmed it, I realized how funny it was. We filmed that kiss scene so many times with different reactions to the point where we wondered if it was okay for us to be doing this," he shared.

"Chief Kim" is a 20-episode comedy series which ran from January 25 to March 30. Junho played the wicked role of Seo Yul, a former prosecutor who became the finance director of a big company.

The KBS2 drama managed to maintain a two-digit viewership until the finale which can be credited to Junho and Namgoong Min's onscreen bromance.

When asked about his preparation for his first antagonist role, the 2PM member said he had to lose some weight to fit the character. "I ate 1 meal a day and exercised for 1-2 hours. That's how I got my v-line back," Junho said as per Allkpop.

The idol, however, said all their efforts paid off after receiving so much love from the viewers. Junho and his co-actors in "Chief Kim" did not forget to express their gratitude the success of the series.

Cast and crew of "Chief Kim" traveled to the Philippines for a well-deserved reward vacation in Cebu on Tuesday, April 4. However, Junho and Namgoong Min will have to miss the breather due to prior commitments.

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