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Zarooq Motors' SandRacer, three-in-one car to unveil soon: Super Car to destabilize off-road car mercantile at $350k initial offering

By Mharia Emmareen | Apr 04, 2017 07:59 AM EDT
The SandRacer is designed for the desert yet road legal, capable of riding dunes and the road,  in style, with the distinctive performance and look of a supercar .
(Photo : Zarooq Motors)

Many cars are sprouting in the market like fungi - self-driving cars and electric cars to name a few. Dubai-based car start-up, Zarooq Motors has something different to offer auto lovers as it introduces SandRacer, named as the sand dunes' Formula One Racer.

According to motorist aficionado and Yas Marina Circuit ex-COO in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Al Qadi, "As many happy motorsport stories, the idea of Zarooq started in the pits of a race during the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi couple of years ago."

He added that SandRacer was born in Arabian sands but can roam the world and the result of love for racing and driving. The supercar got its name from the swiftest snake known in the desert, Schokari Sand Racer which is identified as Zarooq in Arabic, Forbes reported.

The original scheme of Zarooq Motors is to dispatch a cross-country tournament to reinforce the motorsport development in the United Arab Emirates. Iannis Mardell together with former racer Bruno Laffite (both Zarooq Motors co-founders) said that the SandRacer prototype is going to be made public this summer.

As expected, it has caught the attention of car fanatics around the world including BBC's Top Gear which called the supercar "mutant cross between a BMW X6, Range Rover Evoque, and a Dakar racer." After the unveiling of the SandRacer prototype, the anticipated output will start from 10 for 2017 to 50 by next year and increases to 100 by 2019.

Zarooq Motors cited the SandRacer as a three-in-one auto. It is a Racing Car at the heart by its engine, suspension, and transmission. It is an Off-Road vehicle significant by its perception and origin in the Arabian sands in the UAE. It's a Super Car in its own right because of its modern, state-of-the-art body design and superb interior made of carbon fiber.

The price for the initial edition of SandRacer from Zarooq Motors starts from $350,000 to $400,000 for the Dakar Rally pack. It will be the foremost of the succession of top performing automobiles.

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