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‘Justice League’ movie trailer preview; Parademons makes an appearance, Darkseid in end credits?

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Mar 31, 2017 02:56 PM EDT
Superman might wear a black suit in the 'Justice League' movie
(Photo : YouTube/New Trailer Buzz) Superman might wear a black suit in the 'Justice League' movie

The hype for "Justice League" jumped to another level with the release of its latest trailer. While everyone notes about the amazing mash-up of DC superheroes, the villains have stoles the spotlight and they could be the game changer DC needs to rival Marvel's impressive movie library.

Parademons Explained

"Justice League" is ready to hit the theaters this year and the first look of the DC super mash-up offered a great look of every major hero appearing on film. But aside from the heroes, the trailer also reveals the horde of monsters set to challenge the hero's and they are called Parademons.

Properly called Parademons of Agkopolis, they are a loyal and fierce humanoid army created by Darkseid. According to Screen Rant, they are practically foot soldiers specifically created for war and conquer. But even though they are created by Darkseid, these aggressive and dangerous soldiers will work under the command of the villain's uncle Steppenwolf.

If you want to make a comparison, the heroes and villains are getting to a point where they are basically "Avengers." According to Comic Book, Parademons are basically Chitauri - a group of evil humanoids released to conquer earth under the command of Loki. Loki, like Steppenwolf is not the real owner of these humanoids since they basically work for Thanos.

Darkseid/Superman/Green Lantern in End Credits?

The latest trailer confirms what every comic fan expects on the first film: Superman is still dead in the upcoming movie. But the presence of Steppenwolf simply provides the stage of an even bigger showdown. Yes, Steppenwolf is defeated but Darkseid is angry and he'll most likely take care of these problems himself.

Darkseid's anger will most likely make an appearance as end credits preview. But he's not the only one getting a good preview: Superman could be back from the dead just in time to help the "Justice League."

"Justice League" debuts around the world on November 17, 2017. Watch the trailer of the film below:

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