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Suzy's contract with JYP Entertainment expires; Will she transfer to a new agency?

By Maria A. | Mar 31, 2017 08:38 AM EDT
Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.
(Photo : Getty Images/Han Myung Gu) Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.

Suzy's contract with JYP Entertainment has expired, and reports reveal that the miss A member is currently discussing with the agency as to whether she will renew her contract or not.

A representative from the agency says it will take a little more time before the parties can arrive at a decision. Kpop Herald reported that the singer-actress is currently filming for the drama series "While You Were Sleeping" with the support of staff members from JYP Entertainment.

In the drama series, Suzy will appear alongside Lee Jong Suk. "While You Were Sleeping" is slated to premiere in the second half of 2017.

Since early this year, there have been rumors that Suzy may not re-sign her contract with JYP Entertainment. There are rumblings of a dispute between Suzy and the agency regarding her salary.  

According to Koreaboo, there are also rumors that Suzy might choose to transfer to MAKEUS Entertainment, which Sunmi was also in talks with after Wonder Girls' disbanded and the group's contract with JYP Entertainment expired.

Interestingly, Suzy recently recorded a duet with MAKEUS artist Park Won. She's also known to have a close friendship with Urban Zakapa, another artist managed by MAKEUS Entertainment

Miss A's Suzy has been with JYP Entertainment for seven years, and it's likely that the agency will continue to support Suzy and maintain a professional relationship with her even if she decides against renewing her contract.

Suzy debuted with miss A in 2010 and has since enjoyed massive success as a singer and an actress. As of January 2017, Suzy has earned around $8.6 million from over 30 commercials  since appearing in the 2012 movie "Architecture 101."

Her latest musical promotion under JYP Entertainment was for her solo debut, during which she release the mini-album "Yes? No?" on Jan. 24. Her song, "Pretending to be Happy," topped local music charts upon its release. 

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