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Filipino teen Crisha Choo enters the final round of SBS' 'K-Pop Star: The Last Chance'

By Maria A. | Mar 30, 2017 09:13 AM EDT
Fil-Am teen Crisha Choo performs "I Don't Love You" by Urban Zakapa on "K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance."
(Photo : YouTube/SBS) Fil-Am teen Crisha Choo performs "I Don't Love You" by Urban Zakapa on "K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance."

Filipino K-Pop star aspirant Crisha Choo is making her way to the final round of SBS singing survival program "K-Pop Star: The Last Chance." Choo, who has been generating a huge buzz since she first appeared on the show, ranked first in the previous episode.

Crisha Choo has definitely wowed everyone with her grand comeback, as she was previously eliminated from the show. According to Koreaboo, she was brought back after the judges used their "wild card" save on her.

For the qualifying round, Crisha performed with Kim Sohee and Kim Hyerim, and together they comprise the trio KWINs. As they enter the final round, KWINs is expected to battle with the other top 3 contestants.

KWIN bested fan favorite British-Korean singer Shannon, who only garnered 281 points while KWIN got a total of 292 points.

JYP Entertainment's J.Y. Park had nothing but praise for Crisha and her group's performance of "Swing Baby." He commented that the singer's "volume and tone" was so refreshing and that she was definitely the ace of the group.

According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Crisha's real name is Kreisha Tiu. She was born in Cebu City, Philippines, but grew up in San Francisco, California where she was scouted by South Korean agency Urban Works Entertainment.

Crisha then moved to South Korea with her mother and brother. To prepare for her training with the agency, the 17-year-old also learned to speak Korean.

During the earlier episodes of "K-Pop Star: The Last Chance," Crisha Choo received positive remarks from YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk, who said that he wants to meet up with the CEO of Crisha's agency in the hopes of having her sign with YG Entertainment.

Crisha Choo was eliminated from the show after a heated battle against rivals Kim Hye Rin and Min Ga Rin. She was later invited back as the "wild card" choice of the judges.

Will Crisha Choo make it all the way through? Stay tuned for updates. 

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