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[BREAKING] Sunggyu suffers from rib injury while filming ‘Singderella’; INFINITE’s comeback date still undecided after incident

By diana | Mar 29, 2017 09:13 AM EDT
INFINITE's Sunggyu reportedly fractured his ribs while filming an episode of 'Singderella.'
(Photo : YouTube/Mrs Gyu) INFINITE's Sunggyu reportedly fractured his ribs while filming an episode of 'Singderella.'

INFINITE's Sunggyu will have to halt his activities after he encountered an accident on the set of "Singderella" just recently. Initial reports claimed the idol suffered from rib injury while recording an episode of the variety show.

Just last month, the INFINITE member was confirmed to be the new MC of Channel A's "Singderella" as per Allkpop. Sunggyu joined Lee Soo Geun, Heechul and Moon Hee Jun for the variety show.

However, the happy atmosphere on the set was replaced with anxiety when the idol injured himself while participating in a game where they had to perform to win food. Soompi cited Sunggyu reportedly fractured his ribs which limits his movements.

The incident is expected to affect the upcoming return of INFINITE who is supposed to film their comeback single tomorrow, March 30. In fact, an insider revealed they are considering schedule changes to allow Sunggyu to recover.

"Due to his rib injury, we believe it will be difficult for Sunggyu to carry out the choreography for the MV with the rest of his members on that day. Therefore, we may have to change the shoot schedule in order to accommodate the change in circumstance," the source said.

The INFINITE member, however, assured he is doing well despite breaking his ribs. On the other hand, Woollim Entertainment admitted Sunggyu's case is not a minor injury; hence, they are giving him time to rest from his schedule.

When asked about the upcoming comeback of INFINITE, the agency does not consider the incident a big problem for the future plans of the boy group. However, Woollim Entertainment thought they have to be flexible in case the current situation calls for alternatives.

"We are carefully discussing the matter and so the group's official comeback is pending at this point," the label added.

Previous reports stated INFINITE is eyeing to make a return in May.

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