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Is this the reason behind the death threats against BTS member Jimin? Honda Center heightens security

By Maria A. | Mar 29, 2017 04:58 PM EDT
BTS member Jimin during the BTS 1st Album 'Dark And Wild' Show Case' at the Samsung Card Hall.
(Photo : Getty Images/ Han Myung-Gu) BTS member Jimin during the BTS 1st Album 'Dark And Wild' Show Case' at the Samsung Card Hall.

BTS made headlines over the weekend and caused panic among fans after it was reported that the group received multiple death threats on Twitter, particularly attacking member Jimin. The threats came from an anti-fan who posted a series of tweets revealing their plans to kill Jimin.

According to Soompi, a Twitter user, whose account has now been suspended, posted tweets directly threatening BTS member Jimin. The anti-fan said they were going to kill Jimin during BTS' concert in California. The series of tweets also included gruesome photos of dead animals as well as a picture of two guns.

The tweets also revealed how the culprits were going to kill Jimin. As per their tweets, they will attend the concert and shoot the singer. They also revealed where they were going to be seated during the event.

Previously, trolls accused BTS member Jimin of hating international fans and disrespecting them during their tour. The allegations, however, remain unfounded. It's unclear if the motive behind the threats against Jimin is related to these rumors.

The Honda Center in California, where BTS is schedule to perform on two sold out concerts on April 1 and 2, has already been notified about the threats and has now heightened security measures at the venue. Bags will be thoroughly checked during the event for guns, knives and other suspicious contents. The Honda Center has also examined the particular seats that were mentioned by the anti-fans.

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS' agency, said although they believe the threats to be a joke from anti-fans, they are not taking the matter lightly and are preparing for any incident that might arise during the concert. Koreaboo reported that the agency is also planning on intensifying security measures and work with local police in California for the duration of the tour.

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