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Ryan Higa's BgA dethrones BTS on iTunes chart with 'Who's It Gonna Be'

By Maria A. | Mar 25, 2017 01:33 PM EDT
BgA in their "Who's It Gonna Be" music video
(Photo : YouTube/Ryan Higa) BgA in their "Who's It Gonna Be" music video

Ryan Higa and his crew Boys Generally Asian are taking the whole Kpop world by storm. Boys generally Asian, also known as BgA, recently dethroned Kpop group BTS on the iTunes charts

Boys generally Asian's latest track, "Who's It Gonna Be," shot straight to the top of the iTunes Kpop chart when it came out on March 24. The song's massive popularity was enough to defeat idol groups such as BTS, MONSTA X and GOT7, Koreaboo reported. Interestingly, BgA's "Who's It Gonna Be" music video was the no. 1 trending video on YouTube during its release.

The "Who's It Gonna Be" music video shows the members doing a parody about what happens to Kpop groups once they hit a certain shelf life-that is, when a member goes solo and leaves the group permanently.

Consequent with the rise of "Who's It Gonna Be," BgA's debut song "Dong Saya Dae (I Have to Take a Sh**)" also returned to the charts at no. 9. Boys generally Asian released the "Dong Saya Dae" in 2016 as a parody of Kpop music videos. The track and the video unexpectedly drew massive attention, and even Topp Dogg members Xero, B-Joo, Hansol and Hojoon gave positive reviews.   

Boys generally Asian has particularly attracted fans of BTS, especially after making reference to the idol group in their video. With BTS embarking on "The Wings Tour in the US" fans are hoping BgA would get to collaborate with BTS.

Boys generally Asian are comprised of Ryan Higa, Justin Chon, Philip Wang, David Choi and Jung Sung Ahn, According to Soompi, the group describes themselves as guys who "can't sing, dance or really speak Korean." But despite these limitations, it appears Boys generally Asian are putting on a good show, even besting Kpop that have trained years before debuting.

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