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SEVENTEEN draws flak for referring fans as their ‘source of income’; Agency speaks up on the controversy

By diana | Mar 23, 2017 03:52 AM EDT
SEVENTEEN members on the stage of KBS show 'Immortal Songs 2.'
(Photo : YouTube/KBS World TV) SEVENTEEN members on the stage of KBS show 'Immortal Songs 2.'

SEVENTEEN members, particularly Seungkwan, are currently in hot water for their alleged rude responses to a question raised by a fan through a post-it note.

According to Allkpop, a SEVENTEEN fan reportedly asked the boys how they see the fans. The viral photo of the conversation suggested Seungkwan was the first to reply by saying, "Bread and butter" or source of income.

The response outrage some of their fans who thought the response was rather rude than funny. "Bread and butter... Is he crazy? He must've thought writing that kind of crap is funny," a netizen wrote.

Another one posted, "He should've said something nice since the fan spent money and came all the way there to see them. Is it that hard to write something nice for your precious fan?"

This is not the first time the SEVENTEEN members were accused of allegedly treating their fans impolitely. Previously, the boys were slammed for reportedly throwing away fan letters.

Amid controversy, SEVENTEEN's agency has released a statement to address their current issue with fans. Soompi cited Pledis Entertainment took to Twitter Thursday to dismiss the issue.

"We think that a rash story about an unconfirmed situation is spreading within the fandom, so we are carefully releasing this statement," the label said.

It added, "You all know that the SEVENTEEN members do not take the relationship they have with their fans for granted. We hope that you don't forget that the members cherish Carats more than anyone else."

While many fans took offense of the recent controversy, others were rather skeptical that the boys intended to hurt their supporters. In fact, some of them even came to rescue SEVENTEEN from critics and haters.

"I don't think they were trying to be rude. But again there is some fans who are very sensitive to things like this," a fan said.

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