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[BREAKING] iKON’s Chanwoo rushed to hospital for injuring ankle on set of MV filming

By diana | Mar 17, 2017 09:39 AM EDT
iKON member Chanwoo injures his ankle while filming their comeback MV.
(Photo : YouTube/Dirá needsHolyWater) iKON member Chanwoo injures his ankle while filming their comeback MV.

iKON's Chanwoo encountered an accident on the set while filming for their comeback music video Wednesday. Despite his determination to continue with the recording, the idol was advised to rest his injured ankle for the mean time.

Shortly after the incident, YG Entertainment released an official statement to assure fans that all is well. The label said Chanwoo injured his ankle while filming, obtaining stretched tendons.

"Chanwoo kept insisting that he could continue filming the music video but he was prevented in doing so as his health is more important," YG Entertainment said as per Koreaboo.

The agency continued, "According to doctors, it is not a serious injury so the Yokohama Arena Dome tour that is coming up will not be affected by his injury. As long as he does not do heavy dancing, there is no problem with his health."

Following Chanwoo's accident, fans have expressed their concern on idols getting injured on the set, while others have sent in their well-wishes to the youngest member of iKON.

"Just glad that he wasn't badly injured and he was rushed to hospital even before it gets worse," a fan wrote. Another one said, "So many injuries in Kpop these days. Can't take it!"

An insider revealed Tuesday that the seven-member boy group is finally gearing up for their highly anticipated comeback since releasing "Welcome Back" for their debut in 2015.

Although the schedule has yet to be confirmed, the source said iKON's return will come after WINNER's comeback as per Soompi. Aside from their MV filming this week, iKON is also scheduled to record another MV next week.

Further reports claimed the boy group is expected to use double title songs for their upcoming album. Not only that, it was also revealed that the iKON members personally crafted their newest music.

Stay tuned for more updates on iKON's return!

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