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BIGBANG’s Daesung talks about his last conversation with T.O.P before enlistment; ‘It wasn’t sad at all’

By diana | Mar 15, 2017 01:56 PM EDT
BIGBANG's T.O.P (L) and Daesung (R) during their performance at the K-Collection in Seoul.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) BIGBANG's T.O.P (L) and Daesung (R) during their performance at the K-Collection in Seoul.

Daesung admitted his last conversation with T.O.P before his enlistment was not sad at all. Although the two idols will have to miss each other for several months, the former revealed their last phone call was rather filled with words of encouragement from the latter.

"I called him the day before enlistment and told him to work hard and take care of himself. He then told me that he'll be cheering for my solo promotions," Daesung said as per Allkpop.

He added, "It wasn't sad at all, though. If you're a Korean man, then it's decided from birth to enlist in the military. So we talked in a bright mood."

The 27-year-old BIGBANG member is confirmed to hold a series of solo concerts in Japan in April. Soompi cited Daesung's "D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017" is expected to attract 200,000 concertgoers for the four-day show.

The idol will take the stage of Seibu Prince Dome on April 15 and 16. He will also meet his fans at the Kyocera Done on April 22 and 23 for his dome tour.

With his upcoming "D-LITE JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017," Daesung becomes the second foreign solo artist to host a dome tour in the country.

But before his solo concert, the BIGBANG member is slated to release a Japanese mini-album, titled "D-Day" on April 12.

When asked about the influence of BIGBANG in his life, Daesung said he would have been wasting most of his time on video games if not because of the boy group. "I would be playing games and my mom would've hit me," he said while laughing.

Daesung continued his life was redirected when he joined BIGBANG in 2006. "I never thought that I would become a singer who tours around the world for 10 years meeting my loving fans," the idol added.

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