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Six Bomb members undergo expensive plastic surgery for their comeback

By Maria A. | Mar 15, 2017 02:22 PM EDT
Six Bomb members get plastic surgery for their 'Becoming Prettier" promotions
(Photo : Youtube/Danal Entertainment) Six Bomb members get plastic surgery for their 'Becoming Prettier" promotions

Plastic surgery is a huge trend in South Korea, but this controversial K-pop group is taking it to a whole new level. Girl group Six Bomb is making a huge buzz after it was announced that the members would get plastic surgery in line with their "Becoming Prettier" concept.

The members of Six Bomb are attempting to stay true to their "Becoming Prettier" concept by literally going under the knife. The group's song would follow the plastic surgery process the members underwent. It is a follow up to their previous track "Becoming Prettier (Before)," which was released in February.

To promote "Becoming Prettier (After)," the members will present their looks before and after the surgery. According to The Star, the group recently released a teaser video showing the members practicing their dance routine while wearing bandages and sunglasses to cover their faces.

Shockingly, Six Bomb's agency spent 100 million won (approximately $87,500) for the surgeries. Around 95 million won was used for Soa's, Gabin's and Dain's surgeries. According to Koreaboo, the surgeries target the members' upper bodies.

The remaining 5 million won was used by Seulbi, who is no stranger to plastic surgery. She revealed that she previously had her nose done.

Although the members of Six Bomb appeared to have gone to a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation in their "Before" music video, their agency has yet to comment if the members did indeed undergo plastic surgery.

"Becoming Prettier" isn't Six Bomb's first controversial concept. When the group made a comeback with the song "Wait 10 Years Baby," they received huge backlash for wearing risqué bodysuits while telling younger men to wait 10 years for them.

The members of Six Bomb will unveil the result of the plastic surgery when they make their first performance on KBS' "Music Bank" on March 16.

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