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Forever and ever? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez could be in it for the long haul

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Mar 15, 2017 12:07 PM EDT
Inside Edition reports on Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Inside Edition) Inside Edition reports on Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez is the new power couple and it's taking the internet by storm. But even with the glitz and glamor of the former Yankee and pop star, they could be together for a very long time - and it's not just about romance.

The Bahamas Trip that Sealed the Couple

Alex Rodriguez must be in the clouds right now as reports are trickling in about the new power couple. According to Entertainment Online, Jennifer Lopez was in Bahamas last week and she's not alone. The pop star was seen enjoying the Bahamas with Rodriguez on a gym. This confirms the earlier rumors that the couple flew to the Bahamas on a private jet.

J-Lo first meeting when Rodriguez attended one of the singer's shows in Las Vegas. Since then, the couple have been secretive about meeting each other but it quickly blossomed into a relationship. There's also a quickly deleted Instagram post of Lopez featuring her latest boyfriend.

Bonding Over Kids

While Lopez and Rodriguez have quickly bonded over the weekend, the new couple could be in it for a very long time - and it's not just because they are romantically linked with each other. According to US Weekly, the couple also share the same background when it comes to kids. Lopez has twins with singer Marc Anthony while the former Yankee slugger has two daughters with Cynthia Scurtis.

Of course, their relationship is in the early stages and there are a lot of things that could happen along the way. But the new power couple who made a romantic trip in the Bahamas could be in a steady relationship for a very long time. There are no wedding bells yet but their bonding over their kids could mean they share more than just a romantic engagement with each other.

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