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YG Entertainment to debut youngest boyband in July; WINNER, iKON comeback details here

By Maria A. | Mar 15, 2017 02:06 AM EDT
South Korean boy band iKON during the 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards in Seoul.
(Photo : Getty Images/ Han Myung-Gu ) iKON was formed by YG Entertainment in 2015 and was first introduced in the reality show “WIN: Who is Next”.

YG Entertainment is set to launch a new boy group this year, and the members are a lot younger than the traditional debuting age.

The label is preparing the debut of a boy group with members that are around 15-17 years of age. Allkpop reports that one of the members is Bang Ye Dam, and is assigned as the lead vocalist of the group. Bang was born in 2002 and is only 16 years old.

Bang Ye Dam has been training with YG Entertainment ever since he finished second in 2013's "K-Pop Star 2," Soompi reports. The winner of that season was Akdong Musician, which is currently under YG Entertainment as well.

The still-unnamed group will be the fourth boy group coming from YG Entertainment, following the footsteps of their seniors BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON. This is the first time YG Entertainment is debuting members at such a young age. Back then, the average age for debuting an artist was early 20s.

Even though the group members are still quite young, the label is confident that they will succeed. "They've undergone four to five years of training, as well as passed Yang Hyun Suk's strict evaluations; they may as well be veterans," a source from YG said. The group is said to make their debut around July.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is also focusing on the comeback of WINNER and iKON. A source from the agency said that WINNER is scheduled to make a comeback on April 1. The members traveled to Los Angeles, California to film their music video in February.

iKON's comeback will follow WINNER's, although a specific date hasn't been decided yet. The group will reportedly promote with double title tracks, both of which were written by the members themselves. This will be iKON's first comeback in almost a year. 

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