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Alec Baldwin returns to ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the commander-in-chief against alien invasion

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Mar 13, 2017 10:22 PM EDT
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in 'Saturday Night Live'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/NateDogg) Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in 'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin opened "Saturday Night Live" last weekend impersonating Donald Trump and this time, the actor's cold opening for the show pits him against alien invasion. But there's more to it as it digs to some of Trump's comments and properties.

Alien Attack on 'Saturday Night Live'

"Saturday Night Live" got to a rousing start last weekend when Alec Baldwin opened the show with an alien invasion. According to Deadline, the show's cold opening pays homage to "Independence Day" as Kenan Thomspon calls on the commander-in-chief to rally the troops against the invaders.

But things took a dark turn when Trump seemed to defend the invaders and whining "we're not winning anymore...and they're laughing at us." He also took solace on the reports that the aliens recently obliterated California, "so then I won the popular vote?"

Of course, the show also made some dig on Trump himself. As New York is being destroyed, an army official reported to him that Trump Hotel was destroyed but there were no casualties since no one was staying there. When the aliens did show up, they blurted "this is gonna be so easy" after learning that Trump is the president.

Baldwin's Final Trump Impression?

The alien invasion bit did not just take jabs on Trump's ties to Russia (in this case Zorblat-9) as he also identified the black female troops as aliens, not watching NBC and having trouble saying the phrase "hereby demand." It's a healthy dose of funny that practically recaps Trump's week but it might not long according to the actor playing the president.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Baldwin revealed to Mario Lopez during an interview that he may no longer play the president in the near future. Citing his worry that the people might no longer take the situation in White House, the actor could end his impression in "Saturday Night Live."

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