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GOT7’s Jackson reportedly rushed to hospital for collapsing at fan meeting

By diana | Mar 12, 2017 07:30 PM EDT
GOT7 member Jackson reportedly collapsed at a fan meeting event over the weekend.
(Photo : YouTube/Flavoured Farouk) GOT7 member Jackson reportedly collapsed at a fan meeting event over the weekend.

As part of the preparation for their much awaited comeback on Monday, GOT7's schedule is currently packed with rehearsals, fan meetings and promotions for "Flight Log: Arrival." Hence, the boys barely have the time for a breather from their non-stop activities.

And it seems like this routine has taken its toll on Jackson who reportedly collapsed at a fan meeting on Saturday. Koreaboo cited fans who were present at event claimed the GOT7 member was looking unwell during their performances.

Although he tried his best to give them a memorable show, Jackson was not just his usual self at the "Excursion with GOT7" show over the weekend. The idol was not even seen during the after-show event where the members are supposed to meet their fans up-close.

The idol, however, joined his co-members for fan sign session. But unfortunately, Jackson failed to hold himself together and collapsed from where he was seated.

Reports claimed the GOT7 member had to be escorted backstage, where Jackson reportedly loose his control. The idol even vomited before he was rushed to the hospital.

GOT7 fans have been sending their well-wishes to Jackson through social media. In fact, they initiated the hashtag #GetWellSoonJackson, which landed on Twitter's top trending topics as per Allkpop.

They even reminded the GOT7 member to take care of himself just like how he reminded them to stay healthy.

"Please think of yourself also. You keep on telling us that we should stay healthy but you should also remember to stay healthy as well," a fan wrote.

Another one said, "You're doing your best with your schedule and preparing for your comeback but Jackson, you need to break as well. It's not healthy."

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment assured Jackson is now resting to fully recover from the incident.

GOT7 is set to release "Flight Log: Arrival" and title track "Never Ever" tomorrow.

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