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Korean Fashion: Why is it Still Gaining Attention in 2016?

By Jen Mendoza | May 26, 2016 11:32 AM EDT

In 2016, Korean fashion continues to make waves in different parts of the world. What could be the reasons behind it?

For years now, the Korean style of dressing up has been the "in" thing for a lot of fashion enthusiasts across the world, and South Korean designers have been instrumental for that.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, Pushbutton founder and creative director Park Seung-gun shared some insights into why Korean fashion is widely looked up to around the world.

Pushbutton, which was founded in 2003, is considered as one of Seoul's biggest brands

"Koreans have a taste for stylish things - it's innate in our culture," Park, who is also a K-pop star, pointed out. "People say that we tend to just the most fashionable things but we can also spot what is going to work, absorb it and then create it for our customer."

He explained that in creating fashion pieces, the clothing brand from South Korea considers their clients who truly love clothes and are young at heart.

"They want to have fun with their style. When I first started in Seoul, my clothes weren't that well received because they were more street fashion than designer," he explained. "But fast forward to today and it's become mainstream."

Park revealed that at Pushbutton, they make sure that they keep up with the season. For example, for spring/summer 2016, the touch of Korean fashion that they introduced include the houndstooth-printed terrycloth dress is bright yellow and jumpsuits printed with monochrome grids, drawstring trousers and oversized shirt dresses with sheer panels in pastel hues.

"At Pushbutton we try to be ambiguous," Park noted. "We are not a restaurant, where you go back because you know what you're going to get. It doesn't work that way in fashion."

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