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'Legend of the Blue Sea' star Lee Min Ho moves to the US to evade military enlistment; 'Bounty Hunter' actor leaving Suzy Bae?

By Caroline Strait | Feb 28, 2017 02:59 AM EST
Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun kissing in a scene from "The Legend of the Blue Sea."
(Photo : YouTube/New Star) Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun kissing in a scene from "The Legend of the Blue Sea."

It is known that Lee Min Ho will enlist in the military anytime soon. However, with his fame and unparalleled followers, fans are hoping that Lee would be exempted from the military call.

It is undeniable that rumors would arise in regards to Lee Min Ho. His strong presence in "Legend of the Blue Sea" spawned more followers for him. However, claims of the actor joining the military enlistment are on the rise as well. Even his relationship with Suzy Bae was included as well.

According to a former report of ASZ, Lee Min Ho is once more taking center stage with the recent reports linking him and the former "City Hunter" star is rumored to be taking a break from the entertainment industry to focus on Suzy Bae along with the insinuations that the "Legend of the Blue Sea" star will focus more on his private life this time around.

Despite the surging speculations, there have been no supporting details to make it credible and what is identified is that Lee Min Ho is involved in a project as a means of showing his gratitude to his fans and followers, reports the same post.

More reports from Blasting News relayed that Lee Min Ho is thankful to his girlfriend Suzy Bae for everything. On a different note, as for the rumor of Lee Min Ho leaving South Korea to evade military enlistment, that rumor is not false and not true.

There are no supporting details that indicate that the said actor will evade the mandatory call to join the military and it would be against the law of the nation to do so. Lee Min Ho has always been known for being a person that takes his role and responsibilities seriously, which is why the moving out to the U.S. is debunked.

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