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Nokia 3310 comes back with an updated design and competitive software

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Feb 27, 2017 10:51 PM EST
Nokia 3310 demo in Mobile World Congress
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/The Verge) Nokia 3310 demo in Mobile World Congress

HMD is aggressively making Nokia a relevant brand today with the latest release of mobile phones on nearly stock Android. But the company is also banking in nostalgia as the company recently announced the re-release of the highly popular and sought after 3310 with a relatively brand new features.

Nostalgia with an Upgrade

While nearly everyone in the MWC or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is showing their latest hardware in mobile communication, HMD is pushing forward while making a roaring comeback in the mobile industry through their latest Nokia devices. Aside from introducing Nokia 3, 5 and 6 to the global market, the mobile giant also announced the re-release of the highly popular Nokia 3310 according to The Verge.

The mobile device is already available for rigorous testing in MWC and based on the latest testing and pictures, Nokia 3310 has gone through impressive changes with updates that could handle present data requirements. It still features bar-like hardware with phone keyboards but a lot of things have changed: the latest Nokia 3310 is slimmer and lighter while the internal software will offer more such as Bluetooth support, 2.5 data transfer (through Opera Mobile) and micro-SD support.

Colors and Variety

HMD clearly understands the popularity of Nokia 3310 is not only on its legacy since the mobile device is also known for its back cover customization. The mobile company will also release the legacy mobile device in various colors especially on the popular gray and dark gray, orange and yellow. Of course, 3rd party manufacturers will also join in the mobile accessories game by offering other colors to consumers.

Nokia 3310 will be available in developing markets second quarter this year. As a feature phone, the mobile device will not ask much financially since it's expected to retail at $50 on its initial release according to Engadget.

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