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Google Pixel 2 Release Date and Specs: Google is currently developing the Pixel 2 Prototype; Rumored specs revealed

By Clyde Morgan | Feb 27, 2017 12:52 PM EST
Google Pixel 2
(Photo : Concept creator - YouTube) Google Pixel has just arrived last year, yet rumors about the next series of the phone have been lurking around.

The release of the "Google Pixel" and Pixel XL is a success for the company as they claim, though the phone is not very popular compared to its competitors. Today, Google is rumored to start developing the "Google Pixel 2" prototype and we are here to discuss the information about the next Google phone.

As per the PC Advisor, the company is about to hold the 2017 Google I/O Conference this coming May 17th to 19th. It is hardly believed that the company is likely to reveal their plans of the new smartphone device operating system, the Android 0.

Google is known to use annual released phones to send the latest version of their operating system. Currently, Google has just released the Google Android 7.1.2. Beta.

Additionally, Google is rumored to the Android Beta within this year as the company is known to release their phones between September and October. We may recall the recently released "Google Pixel" and Pixel XL was announced October 5th last year, while both phones hit the market the following 20th of the same month. With this, the "Google Pixel 2" is expected to be released in the same month, but might be this year.

As the company switches their brand from Nexus to the amazing Pixel series, Google is reportedly stepping outside of being a high-value device and looks forward to become a premium smartphone.

The "Google Pixel" is sold for about $850 per unit, while the "Google Pixel" XL costs $890. That being said, the new "Google Pixel 2 " is expected to have a $50 increase on its price due to rumored improvements, making the camera more advanced and adding waterproofing.

According to the Trusted Review, the next "Google Pixel 2" smartphone will boast more powerful hardwares. It is rumored to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a 6GB LPDDR4 RAM. It it said to be presented in a full-metal body with 5.5 QHD AMOLED display, packed with 16-megapixel camera f/1.7 with an internal 128GB memory.

The "Google Pixel" phone specializes a hardware and software integration, a feature that we haven't seen in any smartphone today, the Next Web said. The Pixel's physical design is very familiar, but several fans are fond of it due to the current trend.

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