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‘The K2’ actor Ji Chang Wook admits being ‘a little picky’ when it comes to dating

By diana | Feb 19, 2017 01:51 AM EST
Korean actor Ji Chang Wook in an episode of "The K2."
(Photo : YouTube/DramaFever) Korean actor Ji Chang Wook in an episode of "The K2."

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook opened up about his ideal type in a recent interview. In fact, the "The K2" star was never ashamed to admit that he tends to be "a little picky" before he can start dating.

According to Korea Herald, the 29-year-old actor revealed he is looking for someone whom he can get along well. "I want to date someone who I can totally click with," he candidly said.

Ji Chang Wook went on, "I want somebody who can allow me to be innocent like a child. I know I might sound a little bit picky, but someone like a muse who can inspire me is my ideal type."

In a previous interview, the Korean actor even said that looks do not matter to him. The "The K2" actor added he would rather date someone who can make him feel comfortable. Also, Ji Chang Wook admires a woman whom he can talk to with.

Unlike his younger days, the actor admitted he has turned into someone who is more relaxed now that he is turning 30.  "My 20s were a youthful era when I never looked back and dashed straight forward, [defined] by passion and inflated dreams," he said as per Soompi.

The actor also said he is just grateful to discover his passion for acting. His newest film "Fabricated City" just started airing on Feb. 9. Although details are still uncertain, it was reported that Ji Chang Wook might accept a drama project before his enlistment.

The "The K2" star revealed he has yet to receive a notice for his enlistment this year; hence, Ji Chang Wook would like to take advantage of the remaining time before he goes on hiatus for the mandatory military service.

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