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‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’: Why would viewers be captivated with this new Korean drama?

By Natalie Anderson | Feb 15, 2017 10:24 AM EST
The image features the posters of the Korean Drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”.
(Photo : YouTube: by NEWS.Korean Drama) The image features the posters of the Korean Drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”.

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" is a romantic comedy everyone should watch out. "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" depicts a triangle love story.

The series, according to Drama Beans, will be played by Park Bo-young ("Oh My Ghostess"), Ji-soo ("Fantastic") and Park Hyung-shik ("Hwarang").  Park Bo-young would have a crush on Ji-soo and a loveline with Park Hyung-shik.

Hyung-shik, a man would send mixed signals to both Park Bo-young and Ji-soo, would make them think he has fallen in love with them, and eventually make them confused. The recently released pictures and role characterizations add more to what viewers can expect from the plot, their quirky personalities, and the love story that is set to unfold.

Park Bo-young plays the character of Do Bong-soon, Asian Wiki reported. She hails from the Dobong neighborhood in the Dobong district. Park Bo-young is a young woman who was born with Herculean powers and uses her strength for the good. She is unemployed.

Park Bo-young has been crushing on her childhood friend named Ji-soo. She would eventually get a job as a security guard of Park Hyung-shik. Park Bo-young has been characterized as "irreplaceable, unrivaled in charm, fatally lovely, immensely strong girl at the highest level [as in a video game]."

Park Hyung-shik is an eccentric chaebol heir and a CEO of a gaming company. He seems to be a playboy due to his shrewd charm. Park Hyung-shik, being popular has become a constant topic in tabloid articles. The rumor that has never died is the issue that he is gay.

Park Hyung-shik has got issues with his family. His siblings are jealous of him. And that is why though he depicts a cheeky demeanor, he keeps a lot of inner pain within.

Park Hyung-shik does not play with the rules and just lives his life as if it is his own game. However, when Park Bo-young came into his life, his life turned around and he started to grow as a person. Meanwhile, Ji-soo is novice police who is idealistic and centers his life on justice and the law.

Watch the "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" trailer below:

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