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Ubisoft & Bandai Namco wins top spot, US sales for PlayStation Store; 'Assassin's Creed,' 'Far Cry,' and 'Just Dance' in Upbeat

By Caroline Strait | Feb 13, 2017 05:01 AM EST
Bandai Namco Now - February 2017
(Photo : Bandai Namco Entertainment America/YouTube Screenshot )

All gaming developers are all gearing up to gain the pedestal. Reports have shown that Ubisoft and Bandai Namco gained good returns for its US sales for PlayStation Store.

Two new game sales come to the US PlayStation Store this week, and each are based on the titles of major publishers and one of them is Ubisoft, which has most of its franchises at 50 percent or more off their regular price while Bandai Namco has a new wave of their anime-themed sale, with titles like Naruto or the Tales series at very attractive prices, Attackofthefanboy reported.

The games for the Ubisoft sale include most entries of their biggest series like "Assassin's Creed," "Far Cry" or "Just Dance," and the discount applies for deluxe editions as well in most cases.

Some of the bigger discounts are for the Assassin's Creed series, which has most titles at 60 percent off their price, including Unity, The Ezio Collection, and the Chronicles trilogy while Far Cry 4 and Primal enjoy a similar discount in all their editions, as well as both entries of Watch Dogs, as noted in by the same report.

Meanwhile, according to Game Spot, "Gravity Rush 2" gets a new DLC. Also, "Phantasy Star Online Collaboration Pack" DLC (PS4), "Nioh Yokai Static Theme," and "Tales of Berseria Laphicet Theme" for PS4 are among the noted freebies.  In terms of pre-orders for PS4, "Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition priced at $50.99, GNOG at $13.49 and Night in the Woods for $17.99 are among the titles being prepared for the pre-order.

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