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Suzy reveals downside of being a celebrity; Miss A member describes her job as ‘scary’

By diana | Feb 10, 2017 10:52 PM EST
Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.
(Photo : Getty Images/Han Myung Gu) Miss A's Suzy attends the opening of Burberry Seoul Flagship Store.

Suzy opened up about her worries of being a celebrity in the latest installment of "Off the Rec. SUZY." During a heart-to-heart talk with Kim Ga Yeon, the miss A member shared her honest opinion about being under the spotlight.

After a few drinks, Suzy and Kim Ga Yeon found themselves having a deep conversation. When asked about regrets in life, the singer-actress said there are things that make her sad; however, Suzy added she does not regret debuting at the age of 17.

"There's the saying "skipping over your childhood is the scariest," and I think it's so true. If you say I'm successful for starting so early, then I guess that's true, too," Suzy said as per Koreaboo.

With the love and support that she is getting from the fans, Suzy thought that she cannot just give up on what she has started. She also acknowledged the fact that she has got a long way to go in her career.

"There are more things to work on, but I'm scared I'm going to tire out too soon. There are so many things I have to worry about and I have so much to lose," Suzy admitted.

The 22-year-old singer-actress added being a celebrity is a "scary job," pointing out how they are restricted from doing plenty of things in public. "I can't even take a photo with someone without having to worry about whether the public will think I'm showing off or overdoing it," she said.

Suzy admitted the idea of pleasing the public drains her; hence, the singer-actress has decided to keep a low-key life to avoid controversies.

The miss A member recently released a mini album, titled "Yes? No?", for her solo debut. According to Soompi, Suzy nabbed her second win on "Music Bank" for her performance of "Pretend" on Feb. 3.

The singer-actress secured a lead of over 400 points against TWICE, who landed at the second spot for their performance of "TT."

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