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Kim Hyun Joong completes mandatory military service; Actor greets thousands of fans after discharge

By diana | Feb 10, 2017 09:45 PM EST
Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong in the official music video of "Please."
(Photo : YouTube/CJENMUSIC Official) Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong in the official music video of "Please."

Thousands of fans came to welcome the return of Kim Hyun Joong after completing his military duties in the ROK Army's 30th Division in Gyeonggi-do's Goyang City on Saturday.

The "Boys Over Flowers" actor did not fail his fans as he took the time to greet them outside the military camp, according to Allkpop. Kim Hyun Joong started his short message by thanking his supporters who came to witness his military discharge.

"Thank you for coming such a long way despite the cold. I felt a lot while in the army, and I was relieved of my duty feeling like it is time for me to begin anew, with the second half of my life," the actor told his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong continued, "In truth, I'm still very worried and fearful about things, but in the army, I thought of ways to combat what I'm going through and vowed that I would, so I hope that fans will trust me and watch over me."

A photo posted by double s 301 (@double_s301fans) on Feb 10, 2017 at 6:28pm PST

 While serving his military duties, the 30-year-old actor also had to face a legal battle against his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of alleged domestic violence. Not only that, Kim Hyun Joong was also sued for allegedly causing mental damages to his former lover.

Last month, it was revealed that the prosecution has indicted the actor's ex-girlfriend on charges of fraud and libel. Soompi reported the prosecution figured out that the ex-girlfriend allegedly manipulated the pieces of evidence submitted before the court.

Initial claim of Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend that she was pressured by the actor to get an abortion was also denied. It was also revealed that the ex-girlfriend reportedly intended to falsify the pieces of evidence for the legal compensation.

Now that he has been discharged from the military, Kim Hyun Joong's long-winded legal battle against his ex-girlfriend will continue on March 30 for the first trial of libel and fraud charges pressed against the latter. 

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