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Ji Chang Wook says filming for ‘Fabricated City’ was ‘physically and mentally’ difficult

By diana | Feb 09, 2017 01:07 AM EST
Ji Chang Wook lands his first lead role on the big screen with "Fabricated City."
(Photo : YouTube/Ji Chang Wook Kitchen) Ji Chang Wook lands his first lead role on the big screen with "Fabricated City."

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook rose to popularity for his TV dramas. In fact, his upcoming film "Fabricated City" marks his first lead role on the big screen.

In an interview for his newest film, the 29-year-old actor said he never intended to be casted in action projects. Previously, Ji Chang Wook played as a bodyguard in "The K2," while he took the role of an illegal mercenary in "Healer."

"Well, it seems like I have appeared in many action scenes but it was not intended," the actor said as per Korea Times.

When asked about "Fabricated City," the Korean actor admitted he felt nervous while watching the final version of the action movie. Ji Chang Wook also shared how difficult it was to film for the project.

"The whole thing was difficult, physically and mentally. I can say that the scene where I was imprisoned was mentally the hardest," he said, adding that it was his first time to visit a prison.

While playing his role as Kwon Yoo, the actor admitted it was depressing to be placed behind the bars and getting beat up by other prisoners. For "Fabricated City," Ji Chang Wook will share the big screen with Shim Eun Kyung.

According to Soompi, the actor admitted being shy around the actress despite working together for almost two years for the movie. Ji Chang Wook said he tried to approach Shim Eun Kyung on the set; however, his attempt failed as the actress was busy preparing for her scenes.

Ji Chang Wook also added he does not want to make Shim Eun Kyung uncomfortable by forcing a conversation. Although both of them are part of the main cast for "Fabricated City," the actor shared he rarely shared a scene with the co-star.

"While working on the movie, I got to know many actors, but I felt lonely because I didn't meet up with any of them often," Ji Chang Wook said.

Catch "Fabricated City" in theaters starting Feb. 9.

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