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Zion.T drops new mini-album ‘OO’ and MV release of ‘The Song’; Tops Charts Within Release

By Faye | Feb 01, 2017 11:14 PM EST
Zion.T in his latest MV "The Song" from his album "OO."
(Photo : Youtube/YGEntertainment) Zion.T in his latest MV "The Song" from his album "OO."

Almost four years after his last album release, Zion.T returns with "OO" under his new company The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

"OO" is self-composed and written by Zion.T himself, containing a total of 7 tracks including "COMPLEX," his famous collaboration with G-Dragon, Allkpop reported. The title track "The Song" features Zion.T's smooth, laid-back R&B sound with upbeat vibes. The MV is equal-parts whimsical and psychedelic-like, contrasting between vibrant, colorful backgrounds and subdued, pastel scenes. Zion.T is dressed up in equally quirky outfits as his character shows the price of fame in the MV, unable to get away from the crowds until he makes his escape and quietly woos the girl of his dreams. The singer also showed off his rapping skills, proving his versatility.

Despite Zion.T wishing the song wouldn't get famous in the first verse of the title track, "The Song" is hitting the top of the charts amidst stiff competition from Red Velvet and the OST tracks from "Goblin." "The Song" sits at first place in seven out of eight digital charts, with the only exception of olleh, where "COMPLEX" reigns at the top instead, according to Soompi.

"COMPLEX" topped the iTunes charts in other countries such as Macao and Vietnam, and given the domestic success of "The Song," it looks like Zion.T will also dominate other charts outside Korea in the future.

R&B fans have a lot to look forward to with "OO" and its six other tracks, namely "Cinema," "COMEDIAN," "Sorry (feat. Benzino)," "The Bad Guys," "COMPLEX" and "Wind (2015)." The album B-sides contain characteristic trademarks from Zion.T's sound such as a neo-soul influence with a touch of jazz.

Watch Zion.T's "The Song" here:

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