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BEAST’s Doojoon doesn’t want his children to be idols

By Faye | Jan 30, 2017 02:07 PM EST
BEAST's leader Doojoon from their latest MV release "Ribbon."
(Photo : Youtube/BEAST 비스트 (Official YouTube Channel)) BEAST's leader Doojoon from their latest MV release "Ribbon."

When BEAST's Doojoon was asked if he'd let his son become an idol in the future, surprisingly he said no.

Doojoon recently guested on the show "Going Around the World Through Package Deals" and the topic came up when announcer Kim Sung Joo commented that idol life didn't seem to be all that great. The leader of BEAST responded that he had no regrets becoming one and it's a fun job that he likes. But when Sung Joo asked him if he would allow his son to become one, Doojoon answered he won't let his children become idols, Allkpop reported.

He explained that this wasn't because everything changes all too fast in the life of an idol, in fact everything changes all at once. But Doojoon expressed his concern that not everything that happens behind the scenes is right. "There's a lot of dark things that are different from what people see," he said.

Interestingly, Doojoon is not the first idol that won't encourage their children to take up the entertainment industry. In the show "Big Brothers," SNSD's Taeyeon was asked what traits she would like to pass down to her future progeny. One of the panelists suggested that her children could have her vocal prowess. Taeyeon contradicted it, much to the surprise of her fellow SNSD members in the show.

Taeyeon explained that if her children inherited her voice, they would also aspire to be singers and she doesn't want them to become one, according to Koreaboo. She added that she knows how hard it is to work in the industry and she doesn't want to wish that on them. Korean netizens were sympathetic to her opinion and were surprised at her honesty about the life of an idol.

While idols might seem to have everything, it seems the road to become one isn't easy and not for the faint for the heart. The full episode of "Going Around the World Through Package Deals" featuring Doojoon will air on Jan. 31.

Watch more of Doojon's antics in variety shows with MBC's "I Live Alone" here:

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