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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to Clippers, Blake Griffin to Lakers in Wild, Three-Way Deal with Knicks

By Raymund Tamayo | Jan 17, 2017 05:59 AM EST
Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (L) and New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony
(Photo : Getty Images) A wild, three-team trade scenario involving the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony (R) and Clippers' Blake Griffin could happen soon.

A wild, three-team trade scenario involving the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and New York Knicks that would move Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin could happen soon, according to the latest NBA trade rumors.

The nine-time All-Star has been mentioned in a lot of trade speculations recently after FanRag's Charley Rosen wrote what appeared to be an anti-Anthony article. Rosen narrated all of Anthony's shortcomings and on-court weaknesses, then concluded that "the only sure thing is that Carmelo Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York".

Rosen is a known confidante of Knicks president Phil Jackson and there are rumors that some, if not all, of the writer's opinions are shared with that of the 11-time NBA champion coach.

According to Sports Illustrated, Anthony admitted that he had never thought about waiving his no-trade clause to ask for a ticket out of New York, but if the management sees that he is no longer needed there, then he would be willing to discuss the matter with them directly.

"If that's the case, if that's where it's coming from, that side, I guess it's a conversation we should have," said Anthony, after being asked by reporters for his reaction to the said article. "If they feel my time in New York is over, I guess that's a conversation we should have."

Meanwhile, The Big Lead cited NBA analyst Bill Simmons as suggesting a three-team deal involving Anthony which would send the Knicks superstar to the Clippers, Griffin, and Paul Pierce to the Lakers, and Jordan Clarkson, Brandon Ingram, and Larry Nance Jr. to the Knicks.

At first glance, the deal looked like a blockbuster deal that could alter the course of the playoffs race. However, the article said that it would be a "horrendous trade that would be worst" for the Lakers.

The hypothetical trade is actually a long shot since recent reports are out that the Lakers are not looking to deal their young core, which includes D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Ingram. Clarkson and Nance Jr. could be available, but it will be for a hefty return, and not for an injury-prone power forward and an aging one-time champion.

The financial implications of the said deal also make it almost impossible for the teams involved to agree on such a trade as the report noted that the trade Simmons proposed is "ridiculous".

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